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Personalized Yoga Classes for Your Home, Your Business or Your Organization

As Bikram Hot Yoga Practitioners for almost one decade, we bring the knowledge and experience of various yoga traditions into the strenuous practice, maintenance and consistency of a healthy yoga practice

Having recently completed the Washington, DC Yoga District RY200 yoga teacher training certification program in August 2016, we were immersed in the yoga practices of various traditions.

Yoga District graduates teachers who are ready to teach both set sequences from major yoga traditions, and who are ready to sequence their own unique classes based on sound sequencing theory. Hands-on modules focus on various yoga traditions including Vinyasa Flow, Alignment, Power, Dharma, Astanga, Sivananda, Restorative, Prenatal, Seniors, Chair Yoga, and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. With an understanding of these diverse yoga traditions, the training has guided us to personally find what the best path in yoga is for ourselves and others.

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transform spirtually

Spiritual Energy/Meditation

We design Meditation, Mindfulness and Contemplation practices for individuals, businesses or organizations.

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healing success

Personal and Global Transformation

Specially designed trips for healing and transformation, travel to very sacred sites of high energy and vibration for healing and transformation of the body, mind, soul and spirit. Here are a few countries featured in our sacred tourism portfolio:


Bask in High Vibrational Energy in the Andes of Peru
Machu Picchu in the Late Afternoon, high above the clouds for sacred healing


Mayan Ruins of Guatemala: Beautiful and Majestic Mayan Ruins of Guatemala



Beautiful and Majestic Mayan Ruins of Belize, Find Healing and Transformation at Sacred Sites in Belize
Beautiful and Majestic Mayan Ruins of Belize
Healing and Transformation at Sacred Sites in Belize:  Beautiful and Majestic Sites


Healing and Transformation at Sacred Sites in Mexico with Beauty, Magic and Splendor


Majesty, Splendor and Magic in Egypt
Majesty, Splendor and Magic in Egypt
Majesty, Splendor and Magic in Egypt Healing and Transformation at the Sacred Sites of Egypt
Majesty, Splendor and Magic in Egypt Healing and Transformation at the Sacred Sites of Egypt
Majesty, Splendor and Magic in Egypt Healing and Transformation at the Sacred Sites of Egypt


Beautiful Sacred Sites of Ancient Egypt



Sacred Sites in Greece and Turkey

Santorini Island of Greece
Santorini Island of Greece
Blue Mosque Aerial View of Istanbul, Turkey


Sacred Sites of Native Americans across USA and Canada

Sacred Sites of the Maori in New Zealand

Sacred Lands of the Aboriginees in Australia

Temples of INDIA

Blessed and Sacred Sites of European Union like Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal, the Walk of Santiago de Compostela

Sacred Lands of the Great Zimbabwe, Mali and Central and West Africa,

Rich Lands of the Masai of Kenya and Tanzania

Cultivated and Sacred Lands of the Native Peoples of Alaska, Iniuit and others across in Greenland and Iceland

Rich Cultural Histories and Legacies of the African Peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean

Ancient Lands and Civilizations of China

SAMI peoples of Scandinavia

Special Trips to the ONENESS UNIVERSITY of INDIA in the state of ANDRAH PRADESH

Explorations of all the lands and places of INDIGENOUS PEOPLES around the world that hold the ancient knowledge and wisdom about true healing and transformation from the inside out

On the PLANO lands of MONGOLIA

Journey to TIBET and the lands of the DALAI LAMA


Learn about true happiness in BHUTAN

Learn about the SUFIS across NORTH AFRICA and the MIDDLE EAST

Cross the sacred lands of JORDAN

Visit the sacred sites of ISRAEL

Eventually there will even be a time to visit all the ancient lands of Mesoptamia and visit IRAN, SYRIA and IRAW and AFGHANISTAN

In the interim, this site will feature fascinating links to the important contributions of these aresas of the world to the healing of the human heart through its richest histories, civiliazations and cultures

In other words it is critical to learn from the ancient sages and wisdoms of ancient and deep seeded cultures and peoples across the planet earth that hold the key to the true liberation and freedom of the human race

We can tap into this ancient knowledge and wisdom by visiting these sacred places and steeping our minds, bodies, souls and spirits into these divine energies that hold the key to our own liberation and freedom.

Come journey with us around the world in celebration of healing of ourselves and healing of others as we travel, practice yoga, meditation and health and wellness

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Healing from the inside out

A HOLISTIC approach from US at Metamorphosis Global Advisory.

Healing from the inside out by making the commitment to healing and transformation.

Yoga and meditation on all levels as well as annual retreats to sacred sites around the world.

We are building products and services featuring all aspects and aspirations of healing and transformation.


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